The Best Ever Keto Fudge

January 21, 2018 By Sarah White No Comments

This keto fudge is, without question, my current favourite keto recipe. I’ve been making a batch almost weekly and I love to eat a square for breakfast before an intense spin class at 6ix cycle. It gives me energy to get through my workout and is the perfect fatty pick-me-up during that afternoon blood sugar dip (I’m actually eating a piece as I type this). This ‘fudge’ contains <2g of carbohydrate, takes only 10 minutes to make and is simply divine.

Keto Fudge

Yield 12 - 20 servings

This nut butter & coconut oil based keto fudge contains <1g of carbohydrate, takes less than 10 minutes to make and is simply divine. I always keep a batch on hand for when those carb cravings strike. 

Courses Dessert

Cuisine Ketogenic

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