Pink Sun Tea

August 3, 2017 By Sarah White No Comments

Sun tea is the ultimate lazy hippie woman’s summer beverage of choice. You simply throw your favourite herbs into a large mason jar with filtered water and leave out in the sun on a hot day. The heat from the sun infuses the herbs and you end up with a delicious tea at the end of the day with no need to turn on a kettle. Just make sure to drink yours barefoot in the grass while listening to Devendra Banhart and burning palo santo for full effect … haha.

My current favourite combo consists of hibiscus, red raspberry leaf and goji berries. It creates a beautiful pink colour and tastes absolutely delicious. Hibiscus is also a wonderful dietary source of chromium, which lowers blood sugar and insulin levels, and the red raspberry leaf in this brew is a natural muscle relaxant and a great source of antioxidants.




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