Freezer Fudge Recipe Roundup

May 29, 2020 By Sarah White No Comments

If you guys haven’t met freezer fudge yet I suggest that you get acquainted asap. Freezer fudge has been at the top of my list of favourite warm-weather treats a few years now since it’s easy to make, requires no baking (hallelujah), and helps cool me down on those extra hot global warming-induced scorchers.

They also happen to be low in sugar, and high in healthy fats: the 80’s are over my friends, low-fat dieting is out and fat-forward feasting is in! Fat from healthy sources like coconut & avocado is wonderfully satiating, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, reduces your risk for dementia (Alzheimers is now being referred to as diabetes of the brain in scientific literature) and balances your blood sugar levels. Studies even show that eating a low carbohydrate diet rich in healthy fats can improve insulin sensitivity by approximately 75%.

When it comes to getting enough healthy fats into your diet I recommend eating plenty of omega-3 rich foods. The omega-3 fatty acids found in high-fat health foods are anti-inflammatory and offer tons of health benefits from increased life expectancy to weight-loss. These natural and unprocessed fats are found in seeds, nuts, butter, olives, avocado, salmon, and coconut.

All of these freezer fudge recipes contain coconut, nut / seed butters to help you get your daily dose of healthy fats. Enjoy for breakfast, dessert or even as a mid afternoon pick-me-up instead of a muffin or second cup of coffee – I promise you’ll be surprised at what a little healthy fat can do for your energy and metabolism. Here they are, in no particular order, this doctor’s all time favourite freezer fudge recipes:

Freezer fudge for on-the-wagon sugar monsters: Keto Crack.

These coconut + cashew based fatty treats are highly addictive (hence the un-PC name) and totally satisfying. They’re my favourite to eat for breakfast with a cup of coconut oil coffee while I’m doing one of my Keto Resets, or as a mid afternoon pick-me-up. I also make these frequently as dessert for spring & summer back yard fêtes and they are always, always a hit.

Freezer fudge for my frisky followers: This Doctor’s Maca Sex Fudge.

This sex fudge recipe gets it’s sexual super powers from healthy fats, dark chocolate and maca. Studies show that eating 1 serving of chocolate daily leads to higher levels of desire, arousal, and sexual satisfaction in women. Maca is a Peruvian root that promotes optimal functioning of the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland to help improve output of important female sex hormones like testosterone, estradiol and progesterone; all of which are important in a healthy sexual response. Start with this recipe if you or your partner need a little boost in the love-making department.

Freezer Fudge for if you’re worried about your heart health: Chocolate Hazelnut freezer cups

These sugar-free chocolate hazelnut butter cups are filled with healthy fats and antioxidants, they taste almost exactly like a cold disk of frozen Nutella and are chock-full of healthy fats for a tip-top cardiovascular system. Rich in MCT coconut oil this freezer treat may also help lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels while raising ‘good’ cholesterol levels: A 2018 study comparing cholesterol levels from various dietary fats found that LDL (bad cholesterol) concentrations were significantly increased from butter intake compared with coconut oil and olive oil. Coconut oil consumption even increased HDL (know as ‘good cholesterol’) compared with butter or olive oil.

Freezer Fudge for my Keto Friends: The Best Ever Keto Freezer Fudge 

This keto fudge is, without question, my current favourite keto recipe. I’ve been making a batch almost weekly and I love to eat a square for breakfast before one of my famous 4-hour quarantine walks. It gives me energy to get through my morning walks and is also the perfect fatty pick-me-up during that afternoon blood sugar dip (I’m actually eating a piece as I type this recipe round up …). This ‘fudge’ contains <2g of carbohydrate, takes only 10 minutes to make and is simply divine.

Dr. Sarah White | Naturopathic Doctor


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