Shiitake, Kale + Chicken Soup

September 8, 2020 By Sarah White 2 Comments

It’s soup season!

Honestly, I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired to cook / write create this summer (as you can probably tell by the frequency of my recipe posts). We filled the post-quarantine sunny months with weekly trips to the lake, portaging adventures, 4+ hour walks and lots of distance-appropriate / covid-friendly socializing with our bubble. Every moment outside of work felt like it needed to be celebrated and occupied with something fun to make up for the months stuck indoors. While I’m certainly proud of my resilience and ability to make metaphorical lemonade during these difficult times I’m also thoroughly burned out and finally ready to spend more time at home and get back to my ‘old normal’.

Thankfully, now that the weather is turning I’ve found myself brainstorming new recipes and spending more time in my little kitchen. There’s something about fall that refuels and refocuses me. It’s the time of year for hearty soups & stews, cashmere loungewear (#bougie), scotch and quite nights in the backyard with a book, a blanket and a fire in our new chiminea.

This soup is the first recipe to come out of this doctor’s kitchen in a long time. It’s perfect for these cozy, cool fall nights when you’re craving something hearty and comforting yet still extremely healthy. It also contains a splash of red wine which means you’ll have the rest of the bottle to sip while you eat said soup while reading something lovely – you’re welcome.

Shitake, Kale + Chicken Soup

This filling soup is perfect for cozy, cool fall nights when you’re craving something hearty and comforting yet still extremely healthy. It's paleo, grain-free and absolutely delicious when paired with a glass of red wine fire-side. 



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